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Portronics Power Perk 5K
Portronics Power Perk 5K

    Portronics Power Perk 5K

    Rs. 798.00 Rs. 1,299.00

    5000mAh Power Bank with Dual Input (Micro+Type-C)

    • Dual Output Ports: There are two output ports, output1 Type -C can provide DC 5V – 2.1A and USB Output 2 can provide DC 5V/2.1A
    • Dual Input Charging: There are two Input ports, input1 Type -C can provide charge of DC 5V – 2.1A and input2 with fast charging micro USB port that can provide DC 5V 2.1A
    • 5,000 mAh Li-POLYMER POWERBANK: It also has a built-in 5,000mAh Battery for charging any smartphones, tablets, mp3 players, camera, etc multiple times. It has LED power Indicator
    • 6-Level Protection: Get protection from short circuits, current and voltage overloads and protection against overheating and wrong insertion
    • Compact Size- This battery bank has nice rugged and compact body with metal finish. It’s easily carried in your pockets without any visible bulge. It weighs only around 134.35 grams
    • Warranty: BIS certified & 12 Months warranty