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Bluetooth Neckband

Swiss Military Neckband Headphone ( NB02 )

Rs. 1,193.00Rs. 1,590.00

Swiss Military Samba11-Neckband Headphone

Rs. 2,167.00Rs. 2,890.00

BluPod Bluetooth Earphone Set

Rs. 699.00Rs. 999.00

Sports Bluetooth Earphone Set

Rs. 799.00Rs. 1,499.00

Loop Bluetooth Earphone Set

Rs. 1,299.00Rs. 1,750.00

Infinity TRANZ N300 Bluetooth Headset

Rs. 1,899.00Rs. 2,499.00

JBL T205BT Bluetooth Headset

Rs. 2,477.00Rs. 2,999.00

JBL Endurance Jump Waterproof Wireless Sport in-Ear Headphones

Rs. 4,665.00Rs. 5,099.00

JBL LIVE220BT in-Ear Wireless Neckband Headphones

Rs. 4,999.00Rs. 5,299.00

JBL Endurance Dive Waterproof Wireless in-Ear Sport Headphones with Built-in Mp3 Player

Rs. 6,829.00Rs. 7,399.00

Xech A3

Rs. 737.00Rs. 1,199.00

Xech A6

Rs. 898.00Rs. 1,999.00