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Portronics  2.4A Charger with Dual USB Ports - POR 1062

    Portronics 2.4A Charger with Dual USB Ports - POR 1062

    Rs. 425.00 Rs. 499.00
    • USB Charger: The Adapto 66 is essentially a 2.4 A wall Adaptor, that lets you charge all your USB devices with a single adaptor, to avoid the hassle of carrying multiple chargers. The adaptor also comes with a 1M micro USB charging cable, compatible with most devices as well.
    • Intelligent Protection: The adaptor comes with intelligent protection, which prevents overcurrent, overvoltage, overheating, and keeps the device temperature controlled. It also automatically stops charging, when the device is fully charged.
    • Lightweight & Portable: Like all Portronics products, the Adapto 66 is also extremely portable, and lightweight. It is a wonderful travel accessory to save you from the hassle of carrying multiple adaptors.
    • Wide Compatibility: The adaptor connects seamlessly with all main Indian switches, and supports all 5V Devices. With a 100V-280V, 50Hz AC Input Voltage, it automatically adjusts to all voltages and frequencies.
    • 6 Months' Warranty